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Hillingdon Hearts: James Carson

Jacob Webb


#HillingdonHearts is a new series of articles celebrating the amazing Hillingdon based people who have worked hard to help our communities during the pandemic. In the first of our series, we are celebrating James Carson: founder of Hillingdon Crisis support service and baby bank.

What does Hillingdon Crisis support service and baby bank do? Who is supported by the service?

Hillingdon crisis support service is a new charity helping to feed those in food poverty, whatever the reason. We have a policy that anybody in need will receive emergency supplies when needed. We have some clients who require longer term support and will provide further essential items to them if they can demonstrate they are making attempts to remedy the crisis that brought them to us in the first place. We also keep a small supply of clothing and essential baby items for EMERGENCY cases.

What made you set up Hillingdon Crisis support service and baby bank in the first place?

I started Hillingdon crisis support service after a friend needed baby items and I posted a status on Facebook asking for help. The amount of offers overwhelmed me and a friend who decided that we could help to ensure those in need got these useable items.

Demand for emergency food increased and we branched out into operating a free food service to feed those left hungry by food poverty.

This supports those in need and helps the environment by preventing unnecessary waste.

How many people are involved in the project? What do they do?

We have 4 trustees and a number of voting members. Including volunteers working from home during the lockdown we have a team of around 20 people.

Our volunteers are so passionate they currently cover expenses themselves. One of our volunteers, Jo, deserves special recognition for volunteering on her birthday and asking for all gifts to be a donation of food or finance to the service.

How you see the project developing in the future?

We aim to continue operations long after the Covid 19 crisis has subdued as there is a clear need for a foodbank serving Harefield, Denham and Ickenham.

Temporarily we have opened up applications for emergency support to Hillingdon and the surrounding areas.

If I wanted to volunteer to support the project, what should I do?

Anybody wishing to apply for EMERGENCY food, find support services, or donate food or funds can visit:

If you send a message to the page with the word info, an automatic response will provide you with appropriate form links.

Know anyone who has selflessly supported our community during the lockdown and deserves to be celebrated? If so, please get in touch:

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