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Local Figures react as Hillingdon Council vote against Black History Month


At the Hillingdon Council meeting on Friday 16th July, the governing Conservative party group voted against the authority reinstating its Black History Month. Local Figures react:

John Mcdonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington

"I hope that Hillingdon's Conservative Councillors will reconsider their decision in the light of the BLM campaign. Surely we have all learnt lessons now on the need to appreciate and celebrate black history."

Balwinder Rana, spokesperson for West London Stand Up To Racism

"We are very disappointed that the Tory Hillingdon Council has failed to reinstate the Black History Month. This is an insult to the memory of George Floyd, murdered by a racist copper in the US, and to millions of those people who have been protesting around the world, as well in Hillingdon and rest of this country, demanding that Black Lives Matter.

One of the reasons the black people suffer from continued police brutality and racism, in this country and abroad, is that black history is not taught and it’s important to hold Black History Months to address the balance.

If such learning opportunity was available to one of the MPs for Hillingdon, our current prime minister, then he may not have made racist comments like calling black people ‘piccaninnies’ or ‘watermelon smiles’”.

Wally Kennedy, Hillingdon Socialist Party And Hillingdon Against Cuts

“Shame on the Tory Council's failure to reintroduce Black History Month at this time of painfully growing awareness of the historically appalling consequences of centuries of brutal racist abuse and murder of Black People - simply for 'the crime of being Black'. Of course this should also be part of the National Curriculum of every child's education. The history and understanding of the origins of racism, which has always been used to divide our communities, must be taught, understood and ended - alongside the system which allows and tolerates such cruel discrimination and injustice".

Ali Milaini, Labour Councillor for the Heathrow Villages

“It is utterly shameful and an embarrassment upon Hillingdon borough that the ruling Conservative party voted down a ‘Black History Month’ motion at the last full council meeting. We live in one of the most diverse borough’s in the country, and the celebration of black history should not be a point of contention.”

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