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Open Letter to the Hon. Councillor David Simmonds MP

Jonathan Banks


Jonathan Banks is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner. This letter was first published on Bank's Twitter on 3rd September and has been republished with his full consent. If and when David Simmonds writes a reply, we we will endevour to publish his response.

Dear David, 

I am writing to express concerns I have on behalf of voters within both our constituency and my wider reach on social media, regarding the actions of the Government you work for, and the party you represent.

You’ve claimed to be a one-nation Conservative and ardently pro-EU. I wonder, therefore, if you would be good enough to comment on what is perceived by many as being the current brinkmanship employed by Mr Frost and his team in the ongoing UK/EU trade negotiations?

We are both aware of the catastrophic results that would ensue if we’re unable to negotiate a reasonable trade deal before the end of implementation period. Are you now a supporter of a no deal scenario? If so, could you explain why, and why your position has changed on this? If not, what do you feel would be an acceptable set of arrangements?

Tony Abbott may be involved in trade negotiations on behalf of the UK. He is a climate science denier, and holds views on same sex marriage, misogyny, and workers and environmental standards, that aren’t compatible with a modern liberal society. Are you concerned by his apparent appointment?

Parliament is not fully sitting, and I see no reason why the successful experiment with digital sittings has not been expanded. Do you consider this to be denying democracy and/or do you support your Government’s position on this?

Once again, I ask you is it acceptable to lie in politics? PM Johnson’s comment in the House of Commons at PMQs on September 2 nd directly accused the Leader of the Opposition of not having stated clearly that he felt children should return to school post-Covid as soon as safely possible. This was proven to be false and is far from the first time your Government has made untrue statements. Is this due to inaccurate briefings, or are members of the Government deliberately being deceitful?

Whilst considering integrity, decency, and democracy, do you support Claire Fox’s elevation to the House of Lords? She has made troubling comments regarding terror campaigns which have not been rescinded.

Thank you for taking the time to read and to respond to this.

Best wishes

Jonathan Banks

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