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Uxbridge and South Ruislip Labour express anger at contents of Leaked report


In response to a leaked report outlining how senior Labour Party staff sought to undermine their own party’s 2017 general election chances, the Uxbridge and South Ruislip Labour Executive Committee have written a letter to the current Labour leadership demanding action.

The leaked report had been drafted by Labour party staff members with the intension of being submitted as an annex to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission’s inquiry into how Labour have dealt with cases of antisemitism.

The leaked report features WhatsApp and email messages detailing how a number of senior Labour party staff worked to systematically undermine the party’s democratically elected leadership. The report also says it found no evidence of antisemitism complaints being treated in a different way to other forms of complaint, or of past and present party staff being “motivated by antisemitic intent”.

Following the leak of the report, on April 13th, Kier Starmer (Labour Party Leader) and Angela Rayner (Labour Party Deputy Leader) announced an investigation into the report. They said they would investigate how the report was commissioned, how the report was leaked, and the issues raised by the contents of the report. Their announcement was followed up on April 23rd by a meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee who set out both the terms of reference and a timetable for the investigation, stating it should conclude in July.

Despite action from the Labour Party Leadership and its National Executive Committee, the leaks have led many Labour members to resign from the party.

In this context, yesterday (on Sunday 26th April), Uxbridge and South Ruislip Labour Party Executive Committee sent an open Letter to Kier Starmer and Angela Rayner requesting further action be taken. As well as indicating their support for the four demands made by the Socialist Campaign Group (a group of Left Wing Labour MPs), they have made 10 addition demands of their own. The first, and most significant, of these is for the Labour leadership to ‘suspend members and staff with immediate effect where there is evidence that they have behaved unprofessionally or in a way that is not in accordance with Labour Party values’.

The letter concludes by emphasising the desire to avoid losing ‘any more local members as a result of [the] report or a lack of decisive action from the investigation’.

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