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All The King’s Fooles Docuseries

The first episode of our exciting documentary is here! All The King’s Fooles is an episodic documentary that explores disability and diversity in Tudor times and compares it to the way people respond to disability today. In later episodes we also talk about inclusion on screen, in particular period drama and the lack representation of a diverse mix of races and those who are differently abled. Every week we will release the next episode!

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this project a reality: Interviewees Sam Barnard:​ Stephanie Castelete-Tyrrell: https://www.fourwheeldriveproductions...​ Lady Georgina Anne Clark:​ Phillipa Vincent Connelly:​ Dare Emmanuel:​ Sarah Gordy:​ Claire Harris:​ Johanna Thea:​ Produced by Jeffrey Louis Salkilld:​ Director of Photography CS Schalbroeck:​ Sound Recordists Dimiter Dimitroff Marina Fusella Historical Consultant Phillipa Vincent Connelly:​ Costume designer Lady Georgina Anne Clark Stills Photographer Alessia Chinazzo:​ Editor Paula Galan:​ Colourist Kasia Jarco:​ Composer Dimitris Makridis Sound Editor Marco Schilling Sound Supervisor Tushar Manek Archival images curtsey of Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020 Voiceover artist Dare Emmanuel


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