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Anti-lockdown protesters detained and arrested by Police

Earlier today, a bus load of protesters were detained by the Police after being stopped whilst journeying to anti-lockdown demonstrations in central London.

The protesters were detained outside of Hillingdon Underground Station for a number of hours. Prisoners where held in the Swallow pub car park: something the protesters claimed the Police were using as a "prisoner containment area".

Some of the protesters were arrested, they were told by the Police this was for a breach of coronavirus legislation. One of these protesters told Hillingdon Vision:

[The Government] are breaching all of these…… acts and laws just under the guise of a public health act and coronavirus regulation”.

The Police have not, as of yet, provided official figures as to the number of arrestees.

Those not arrested were released and allowed to return home.

As the month long lockdown ends on December 2nd, Hillingdon will enter Tier 2 of the Government's Tier system.

The lockdown appears to have reduced COVID-19 cases across London.

During the week 15-21 November, 15,873 were identified as COVID 19 positive in London, a rate of 177 cases per 100,000 population. This compares with 17,880 cases and a rate of 200 for the week prior.


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