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THE FUZZ - AWARD WINNING SHORT FILM (contains adult language)

This semi autobiographical account written by Alexander King, based mostly on his own childhood. Alexander had a childhood friend whose brother was severely disabled. Remembering the stresses it caused the family was his inspiration.

The film draws attention to depression, alcoholism and prejudice of all sorts.

The makers shot enough footage to make a feature length film. I’m sure you will agree that this short film packs a lot into 9 minutes!

The creator wanted people going away after seeing this wanting to make all the issues in the film better.

The guy interviewed in the fuzz about the community centre etc was a real resident. He thought the actors where real police officers. Only after did he realise. And gave his permission to use him in the movie.

If you are affected by the issues raised there are a number if organisations that can help

For help with mental health or suicidal thoughts visit

For domestic abuse please click here


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