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Strange beast sightings in Ickenham leave local residents baffled

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Strange beast sightings in Ickenham leave local residents baffled

A number of Ickenham residents have reported seeing the creatures roaming freely around the village. Some seem unconcerned, others posed for pictures and a couple out for a stroll just stood open mouthed in disbelief.

Local people posed for photos with the beasts

The creatures are believed to be some kind of prehistoric dinosaur like creature with pictures circulating on social media showing numerous different dinosaurs in and around Ickenham.

The social media frenzy has attracted explorers from around the globe, all of whom are hoping to catch even the smallest glimpse of this group of incredibly rare and beautiful animals.

Explorers from around the globe are visiting in hopes of sighting the beast.

Not everyone was happy with one local resident asking reporters
'What happens if he eats somebody? and what about there mess? Who's going to clean it up... not me.'

The sightings are not limited to Ickenham with posts on social media showing dinosaurs as far away as Plymouth.

Posts on Facebook show dinosaurs as far away as Plymouth

Even Animal expert David Bat-enborough joined the excitement with him and his team taking a look at what he described as 'magnificent beasts' whilst filming for popular HTV program Blue Earth.

During the documentary David discusses how the phenomenon has occurred and talks about how the dinosaurs are surviving in a modern day world. The documentary will be broadcast on the Hillingdon TV website via social media

Have you seen any dinosaurs?

Do you think that they should be controlled to prevent people being eaten?

Let us know via the comments section.

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